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"""GTZAN-Genre Dataset Loader

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    This dataset was used for the well known genre classification paper:

    .. code-block:: latex

        "Musical genre classification of audio signals " by G. Tzanetakis and
        P. Cook in IEEE Transactions on Audio and Speech Processing 2002.

    The dataset consists of 1000 audio tracks each 30 seconds long. It
    contains 10 genres, each represented by 100 tracks. The tracks are all
    22050 Hz mono 16-bit audio files in .wav format.


import os
from typing import BinaryIO, Optional, TextIO, Tuple

import librosa
import numpy as np

from mirdata import download_utils
from mirdata import jams_utils
from mirdata import core
from mirdata import io

BIBTEX = """@article{tzanetakis2002gtzan,
  title={GTZAN genre collection},
  author={Tzanetakis, George and Cook, P},
  journal={Music Analysis, Retrieval and Synthesis for Audio Signals},
    "all": download_utils.RemoteFileMetadata(

LICENSE_INFO = "Unfortunately we couldn't find the license information for the GTZAN_genre dataset."

[docs]class Track(core.Track): """gtzan_genre Track class Args: track_id (str): track id of the track Attributes: audio_path (str): path to the audio file genre (str): annotated genre track_id (str): track id """ def __init__( self, track_id, data_home, dataset_name, index, metadata, ): super().__init__( track_id, data_home, dataset_name, index, metadata, ) self.genre = track_id.split(".")[0] if self.genre == "hiphop": self.genre = "hip-hop" self.audio_path = self.get_path("audio") @property def audio(self) -> Optional[Tuple[np.ndarray, float]]: """The track's audio Returns: * np.ndarray - audio signal * float - sample rate """ return load_audio(self.audio_path)
[docs] def to_jams(self): """Get the track's data in jams format Returns: jams.JAMS: the track's data in jams format """ return jams_utils.jams_converter( tags_gtzan_data=[(self.genre, "gtzan-genre")], metadata={ "title": "Unknown track", "artist": "Unknown artist", "release": "Unknown album", "duration": 30.0, "curator": "George Tzanetakis", }, )
[docs]@io.coerce_to_bytes_io def load_audio(fhandle: BinaryIO) -> Tuple[np.ndarray, float]: """Load a GTZAN audio file. Args: fhandle (str or file-like): File-like object or path to audio file Returns: * np.ndarray - the mono audio signal * float - The sample rate of the audio file """ audio, sr = librosa.load(fhandle, sr=22050, mono=True) return audio, sr
[docs]@core.docstring_inherit(core.Dataset) class Dataset(core.Dataset): """ The gtzan_genre dataset """ def __init__(self, data_home=None): super().__init__( data_home, name="gtzan_genre", track_class=Track, bibtex=BIBTEX, remotes=REMOTES, license_info=LICENSE_INFO, )
[docs] @core.copy_docs(load_audio) def load_audio(self, *args, **kwargs): return load_audio(*args, **kwargs)