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"""MedleyDB pitch Dataset Loader

.. admonition:: Dataset Info
    :class: dropdown

    MedleyDB Pitch is a pitch-tracking subset of the MedleyDB dataset
    containing only f0-annotated, monophonic stems.

    MedleyDB is a dataset of annotated, royalty-free multitrack recordings.
    MedleyDB was curated primarily to support research on melody extraction,
    addressing important shortcomings of existing collections. For each song
    we provide melody f0 annotations as well as instrument activations for
    evaluating automatic instrument recognition.

    For more details, please visit:


import csv
import json
import logging
import os
from typing import BinaryIO, cast, Optional, TextIO, Tuple

import librosa
import numpy as np

from mirdata import download_utils
from mirdata import jams_utils
from mirdata import core
from mirdata import annotations
from mirdata import io

BIBTEX = """@inproceedings{bittner2014medleydb,
    Author = {Bittner, Rachel M and Salamon, Justin and Tierney, Mike and Mauch, Matthias and Cannam, Chris and Bello, Juan P},
    Booktitle = {International Society of Music Information Retrieval (ISMIR)},
    Month = {October},
    Title = {Medley{DB}: A Multitrack Dataset for Annotation-Intensive {MIR} Research},
    Year = {2014}
    To download this dataset, visit:
    and request access.

    Once downloaded, unzip the file
    and copy the result to:

    "Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial Share-Alike 4.0 (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)."

[docs]class Track(core.Track): """medleydb_pitch Track class Args: track_id (str): track id of the track Attributes: artist (str): artist audio_path (str): path to the audio file genre (str): genre instrument (str): instrument of the track pitch_path (str): path to the pitch annotation file title (str): title track_id (str): track id Cached Properties: pitch (F0Data): human annotated pitch """ def __init__( self, track_id, data_home, dataset_name, index, metadata, ): super().__init__( track_id, data_home, dataset_name, index, metadata, ) self.pitch_path = self.get_path("pitch") self.audio_path = self.get_path("audio") @property def instrument(self): return self._track_metadata.get("instrument") @property def artist(self): return self._track_metadata.get("artist") @property def title(self): return self._track_metadata.get("title") @property def genre(self): return self._track_metadata.get("genre") @core.cached_property def pitch(self) -> Optional[annotations.F0Data]: return load_pitch(self.pitch_path) @property def audio(self) -> Optional[Tuple[np.ndarray, float]]: """The track's audio Returns: * np.ndarray - audio signal * float - sample rate """ return load_audio(self.audio_path)
[docs] def to_jams(self): """Get the track's data in jams format Returns: jams.JAMS: the track's data in jams format """ return jams_utils.jams_converter( audio_path=self.audio_path, f0_data=[(self.pitch, "annotated pitch")], metadata=self._track_metadata, )
[docs]@io.coerce_to_bytes_io def load_audio(fhandle: BinaryIO) -> Tuple[np.ndarray, float]: """Load a MedleyDB audio file. Args: fhandle (str or file-like): File-like object or path to audio file Returns: * np.ndarray - the mono audio signal * float - The sample rate of the audio file """ return librosa.load(fhandle, sr=None, mono=True)
[docs]@io.coerce_to_string_io def load_pitch(fhandle: TextIO) -> annotations.F0Data: """load a MedleyDB pitch annotation file Args: pitch_path (str): path to pitch annotation file Raises: IOError: if pitch_path doesn't exist Returns: F0Data: pitch annotation """ times = [] freqs = [] reader = csv.reader(fhandle, delimiter=",") for line in reader: times.append(float(line[0])) freqs.append(float(line[1])) times = np.array(times) # type: ignore freqs = np.array(freqs) # type: ignore confidence = (cast(np.ndarray, freqs) > 0).astype(float) pitch_data = annotations.F0Data(times, freqs, confidence) return pitch_data
[docs]@core.docstring_inherit(core.Dataset) class Dataset(core.Dataset): """ The medleydb_pitch dataset """ def __init__(self, data_home=None): super().__init__( data_home, name="medleydb_pitch", track_class=Track, bibtex=BIBTEX, download_info=DOWNLOAD_INFO, license_info=LICENSE_INFO, ) @core.cached_property def _metadata(self): metadata_path = os.path.join(self.data_home, "medleydb_pitch_metadata.json") if not os.path.exists(metadata_path): raise FileNotFoundError("Metadata not found. Did you run .download()?") with open(metadata_path, "r") as fhandle: metadata = json.load(fhandle) return metadata
[docs] @core.copy_docs(load_audio) def load_audio(self, *args, **kwargs): return load_audio(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] @core.copy_docs(load_pitch) def load_pitch(self, *args, **kwargs): return load_pitch(*args, **kwargs)