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"""RWC Jazz Dataset Loader.

.. admonition:: Dataset Info
    :class: dropdown

    The Jazz Music Database consists of 50 pieces:

    - **Instrumentation variations:** 35 pieces (5 pieces × 7 instrumentations).

        The instrumentation-variation pieces were recorded to obtain different versions
        of the same piece; i.e., different arrangements performed by different player
        instrumentations. Five standard-style jazz pieces were originally composed
        and then performed in modern-jazz style using the following seven instrumentations:

        1. Piano solo
        2. Guitar solo
        3. Duo: Vibraphone + Piano, Flute + Piano, and Piano + Bass
        4. Piano trio: Piano + Bass + Drums
        5. Piano trio + Trumpet or Tenor saxophone
        6. Octet: Piano trio + Guitar + Alto saxophone + Baritone saxophone + Tenor saxophone × 2
        7. Piano trio + Vibraphone or Flute

    - **Style variations:** 9 pieces

        The style-variation pieces were recorded to represent various styles of jazz.
        They include four well-known public-domain pieces and consist of

        1. Vocal jazz: 2 pieces (including "Aura Lee")
        2. Big band jazz: 2 pieces (including "The Entertainer")
        3. Modal jazz: 2 pieces
        4. Funky jazz: 2 pieces (including "Silent Night")
        5. Free jazz: 1 piece (including "Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee")

    - **Fusion (crossover):** 6 pieces

        The fusion pieces were recorded to obtain music that combines elements of jazz
        with other styles such as popular, rock, and latin. They include music with an
        eighth-note feel, music with a sixteenth-note feel, and Latin jazz music.

    For more details, please visit:

import csv
import logging
import os
from typing import BinaryIO, Optional, TextIO, Tuple

import librosa
import numpy as np

from mirdata import annotations
from mirdata import download_utils
from mirdata import jams_utils
from mirdata import core
from mirdata import io

# these functions are identical for all rwc datasets
from mirdata.datasets.rwc_classical import (

BIBTEX = """@inproceedings{goto2002rwc,
  title={RWC Music Database: Popular, Classical and Jazz Music Databases.},
  author={Goto, Masataka and Hashiguchi, Hiroki and Nishimura, Takuichi and Oka, Ryuichi},
  booktitle={3rd International Society for Music Information Retrieval Conference},
    "metadata": download_utils.RemoteFileMetadata(
    "annotations_beat": download_utils.RemoteFileMetadata(
    "annotations_sections": download_utils.RemoteFileMetadata(
    Unfortunately the audio files of the RWC-Jazz dataset are not available
    for download. If you have the RWC-Jazz dataset, place the contents into a
    folder called RWC-Jazz with the following structure:
        > RWC-Jazz/
            > annotations/
            > audio/rwc-j-m0i with i in [1 .. 4]
            > metadata-master/
    and copy the RWC-Jazz folder to {}

[docs]class Track(core.Track): """rwc_jazz Track class Args: track_id (str): track id of the track Attributes: artist (str): Artist name audio_path (str): path of the audio file beats_path (str): path of the beat annotation file duration (float): Duration of the track in seconds instruments (str): list of used instruments. piece_number (str): Piece number of this Track, [1-50] sections_path (str): path of the section annotation file suffix (str): M01-M04 title (str): Title of The track. track_id (str): track id track_number (str): CD track number of this Track variation (str): style variations Cached Properties: sections (SectionData): human-labeled section data beats (BeatData): human-labeled beat data """ def __init__( self, track_id, data_home, dataset_name, index, metadata, ): super().__init__( track_id, data_home, dataset_name, index, metadata, ) self.sections_path = self.get_path("sections") self.beats_path = self.get_path("beats") self.audio_path = self.get_path("audio") @property def piece_number(self): return self._track_metadata.get("piece_number") @property def suffix(self): return self._track_metadata.get("suffix") @property def track_number(self): return self._track_metadata.get("track_number") @property def title(self): return self._track_metadata.get("title") @property def artist(self): return self._track_metadata.get("artist") @property def duration(self): return self._track_metadata.get("duration") @property def variation(self): return self._track_metadata.get("variation") @property def instruments(self): return self._track_metadata.get("instruments") @core.cached_property def sections(self) -> Optional[annotations.SectionData]: return load_sections(self.sections_path) @core.cached_property def beats(self) -> Optional[annotations.BeatData]: return load_beats(self.beats_path) @property def audio(self) -> Optional[Tuple[np.ndarray, float]]: """The track's audio Returns: * np.ndarray - audio signal * float - sample rate """ return load_audio(self.audio_path)
[docs] def to_jams(self): """Get the track's data in jams format Returns: jams.JAMS: the track's data in jams format """ return jams_utils.jams_converter( audio_path=self.audio_path, beat_data=[(, None)], section_data=[(self.sections, None)], metadata=self._track_metadata, )
[docs]@core.docstring_inherit(core.Dataset) class Dataset(core.Dataset): """ The rwc_jazz dataset """ def __init__(self, data_home=None): super().__init__( data_home, name="rwc_jazz", track_class=Track, bibtex=BIBTEX, remotes=REMOTES, download_info=DOWNLOAD_INFO, license_info=LICENSE_INFO, ) @core.cached_property def _metadata(self): metadata_path = os.path.join(self.data_home, "metadata-master", "rwc-j.csv") if not os.path.exists(metadata_path): raise FileNotFoundError("Metadata not found. Did you run .download()?") with open(metadata_path, "r") as fhandle: dialect = csv.Sniffer().sniff( reader = csv.reader(fhandle, dialect) raw_data = [] for line in reader: if line[0] != "Piece No.": raw_data.append(line) metadata_index = {} for line in raw_data: if line[0] == "Piece No.": continue p = "00" + line[0].split(".")[1][1:] track_id = "RM-J{}".format(p[len(p) - 3 :]) metadata_index[track_id] = { "piece_number": line[0], "suffix": line[1], "track_number": line[2], "title": line[3], "artist": line[4], "duration": _duration_to_sec(line[5]), "variation": line[6], "instruments": line[7], } return metadata_index
[docs] @core.copy_docs(load_audio) def load_audio(self, *args, **kwargs): return load_audio(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] @core.copy_docs(load_sections) def load_sections(self, *args, **kwargs): return load_sections(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] @core.copy_docs(load_beats) def load_beats(self, *args, **kwargs): return load_beats(*args, **kwargs)