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"""Tonality classicalDB Dataset Loader

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    The Tonality classicalDB Dataset includes 881 classical musical pieces across different styles from s.XVII to s.XX
    annotated with single-key labels.

    Tonality classicalDB Dataset was created as part of:

    .. code-block:: latex

        Gómez, E. (2006). PhD Thesis. Tonal description of music audio signals.
        Department of Information and Communication Technologies.

    This dataset is mainly intended to assess the performance of computational key estimation algorithms in classical music.

    2020 note: The audio is privates. If you don't have the original audio collection, you could create it from your private collection
    because most of the recordings are well known. To this end, we provide musicbrainz metadata. Moreover, we have added the spectrum and
    HPCP chromagram of each audio.

    This dataset can be used with mirdata library:

    Spectrum features have been computed as is shown here:

    HPCP chromagram has been computed as is shown here:

    Musicbrainz metadata has been computed as is shown here:


import csv
import json
import os
from typing import Any, BinaryIO, Dict, Optional, TextIO, Tuple

import librosa
import numpy as np

from mirdata import core
from mirdata import download_utils
from mirdata import io
from mirdata import jams_utils

BIBTEX = """@article{gomez2006tonal,
  title={Tonal description of music audio signals},
  author={G{\'o}mez, Emilia},
  journal={Department of Information and Communication Technologies},
    "keys": download_utils.RemoteFileMetadata(
    "musicbrainz_metadata": download_utils.RemoteFileMetadata(
    "HPCPs": download_utils.RemoteFileMetadata(
    "spectrums": download_utils.RemoteFileMetadata(
    Unfortunately the audio files of the Tonality classicalDB dataset are not available
    for download. If you have the tonality classicalDB audio dataset, place the contents into
    a folder called classicaldb with the following structure:
        > classicaldb/
            > audio/
            > keys/
            > spectrums/
            > HPCPs/
            > musicbrainz_metadata/
    and copy the folder to {} directory

    "Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike 4.0 International."

[docs]class Track(core.Track): """tonality_classicaldb track class Args: track_id (str): track id of the track Attributes: audio_path (str): track audio path key_path (str): key annotation path title (str): title of the track track_id (str): track id Cached Properties: key (str): key annotation spectrum (np.array): computed audio spectrum hpcp (np.array): computed hpcp musicbrainz_metadata (dict): MusicBrainz metadata """ def __init__( self, track_id, data_home, dataset_name, index, metadata, ): super().__init__( track_id, data_home, dataset_name, index, metadata, ) self.key_path = self.get_path("key") self.spectrum_path = self.get_path("spectrum") self.musicbrainz_path = self.get_path("mb") self.hpcp_path = self.get_path("HPCP") self.audio_path = self.get_path("audio") self.title = self.audio_path.replace(".wav", "").split("/")[-1] @core.cached_property def key(self) -> Optional[str]: return load_key(self.key_path) @core.cached_property def spectrum(self) -> Optional[np.ndarray]: return load_spectrum(self.spectrum_path) @core.cached_property def hpcp(self) -> Optional[np.ndarray]: return load_hpcp(self.hpcp_path) @core.cached_property def musicbrainz_metadata(self) -> Optional[Dict[Any, Any]]: return load_musicbrainz(self.musicbrainz_path) @property def audio(self) -> Optional[Tuple[np.ndarray, float]]: """The track's audio Returns: * np.ndarray - audio signal * float - sample rate """ return load_audio(self.audio_path)
[docs] def to_jams(self): """Get the track's data in jams format Returns: jams.JAMS: the track's data in jams format """ return jams_utils.jams_converter( audio_path=self.audio_path, metadata={ "title": self.title, "key": self.key, "spectrum": self.spectrum, "hpcp": self.hpcp, "musicbrainz_metatada": self.musicbrainz_metadata, }, )
[docs]@io.coerce_to_bytes_io def load_audio(fhandle: BinaryIO) -> Tuple[np.ndarray, float]: """Load a Tonality classicalDB audio file. Args: fhandle (str or file-like): File-like object or path to audio file Returns: * np.ndarray - the mono audio signal * float - The sample rate of the audio file """ return librosa.load(fhandle, sr=None, mono=True)
[docs]@io.coerce_to_string_io def load_key(fhandle: TextIO) -> str: """Load Tonality classicalDB format key data from a file Args: fhandle (str or file-like): File-like object or path to key annotation file Returns: str: musical key data """ reader = csv.reader(fhandle, delimiter="\n") key = next(reader)[0] return key.replace("\t", " ")
[docs]@io.coerce_to_string_io def load_spectrum(fhandle: TextIO) -> np.ndarray: """Load Tonality classicalDB spectrum data from a file Args: fhandle (str or file-like): File-like object or path to spectrum file Returns: np.ndarray: spectrum data """ data = json.load(fhandle) spectrum = [list(map(complex, x)) for x in data["spectrum"]] return np.array(spectrum)
[docs]@io.coerce_to_string_io def load_hpcp(fhandle: TextIO) -> np.ndarray: """Load Tonality classicalDB HPCP feature from a file Args: fhandle (str or file-like): File-like object or path to HPCP file Returns: np.ndarray: loaded HPCP data """ data = json.load(fhandle) return np.array(data["hpcp"])
[docs]@io.coerce_to_string_io def load_musicbrainz(fhandle: TextIO) -> Dict[Any, Any]: """Load Tonality classicalDB musicbraiz metadata from a file Args: fhandle (str or file-like): File-like object or path to musicbrainz metadata file Returns: dict: musicbrainz metadata """ return json.load(fhandle)
[docs]@core.docstring_inherit(core.Dataset) class Dataset(core.Dataset): """ The tonality_classicaldb dataset """ def __init__(self, data_home=None): super().__init__( data_home, name="tonality_classicaldb", track_class=Track, bibtex=BIBTEX, remotes=REMOTES, download_info=DOWNLOAD_INFO, license_info=LICENSE_INFO, )
[docs] @core.copy_docs(load_audio) def load_audio(self, *args, **kwargs): return load_audio(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] @core.copy_docs(load_key) def load_key(self, *args, **kwargs): return load_key(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] @core.copy_docs(load_spectrum) def load_spectrum(self, *args, **kwargs): return load_spectrum(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] @core.copy_docs(load_hpcp) def load_hpcp(self, *args, **kwargs): return load_hpcp(*args, **kwargs)
[docs] @core.copy_docs(load_musicbrainz) def load_musicbrainz(self, *args, **kwargs): return load_musicbrainz(*args, **kwargs)